Be Your Best Academy

We are dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of the game of lacrosse and preparing boys and girls for the field of competition. Do you want to become the best lacrosse player you can become – then Be Your Best Academy is for you. The key to lacrosse success is the development of fundamental skills, proper mechanics, and lax “IQ." The key to building these skills lies in a balanced workout routine through muscle memory, conditioning & strength, drills, and film/white board work.

One on One Sessions or (2/3/4 player groups)

•$30.00/session - 1 player - 30 minute workout

•$50.00 session - 1 player - 50 minute workout

•$60.00/session - 2 players - 50 minute workout

•$75.00 - 3 players - 50 minute workout

•$80.00 - 4 players - 50 minute workout

Session Training Classes: LAX

101: Proper stick handling, passing/catching, and dodging

200: Biomechanics of shooting (boys and girls)

B201: Boys shooting for Power and Accuracy

G201: Girls shooting for Power and Accuracy

301: Boys dodging and shooting on the run

401: Boys fundamental defense - "Ultimate Defender"

501: Faceoffs (30 min. session) - "King of the X"

Team Workouts (Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer) 6-20 players

1) Schedule a personally tailored team workout.

2) Workouts occur at team's practice location.

3) Team workouts are $100/hr.

4) Training options: Transition drills, Unsettled situations, Offensive sets (plays/motions), Defensive Systems.

5) Training of lacrosse "special teams": Man-up Offense, Man-down defense, Rides, Clears, Faceoffs

6) Training of the hybrid box and field player

Be Your Best Clinic Dates: